Gregory "Greg" Heffley is the main character of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Series. He is smaller then 95% of the kids at his school so he is a good target for bullies. He is an outcast who has, according to him, "unreliable" friends. He is very concerned about his popularity level and how he looks in public. This shows that he's shallow and his worries are based on what other people think. He's also very critical of other people, thinking that everything he does is perfect and correct, and usually justifies his actions with poor excuses. He absolutely loves video games and slacking off, taking after his older brother Rodrick Heffley. As much as he dislikes his older brother, he takes up a lot of traits from him (selfish, slacker, etc.) He also has an interest in cartooning and making comics. He is played by Zachary Gordon in the movie. he is a low grade person.

Greg HeffleyEdit

Gregory "Greg" Heffley is the MAIN chdaracter, narrator, and the protagonist of the series who faces difficulty in middle school. He is 13 in the final book but only 12 in the movie. He is also the "wimpy kid", as each novel in the series is one of his "diaries". He has a good friendship with Rowley Jefferson, although Greg often wonders how the two can possibly be friends. Greg's foibles include being underweight, lazy, somewhat greedy, selfish, paranoid, self-centered, clueless and unintelligent. Many of his teachers dislike him because they had his older brother Rodrick as a student, and so these teachers expect Greg to be as bad as his brother. Rowley's father also sees Greg as a bad influence. Greg is bad at school, failing most of his subjects, and he is quite lazy, often objecting to his father's attempts to get him to exercise and participate in sports. Greg often attempts to impress girls, including Holly and Heather Hills, but all his attempts fail. In The Last Straw, Greg is revealed to own a pair of backup glasses, which he rarely uses. Greg is also known for starting the comic Zoo-Wee Mama! with help from Rowley; however, the comic was later plagiarized by Rowley, as he claims that Greg had nothing to do with the creation of the comic. Greg is portrayed by Zachary Gordon in the movie. BITCH SHIT ASS NIGER!


Greg is usually depicted with black shorts, or black pants and a white shirt. He is very skinny and does not seem to eat nor work out much. His father has tried to get him to work out and exercise, but he prefers playing video games.


In the book, Greg explains that he is good at nothing except video games. He spends most of his time in that. For a time, he harbored a hope of drawing for the school newspaper, but his comic was bowdlerized by the editor and Rowley’s comic was better liked.


  • Homework - Greg finds it to be a waste of time and an obstacle to video games. He does his homework, but he does it very poorly.
  • School - Greg is bullied constantly, has very few friends, and gets bad grades.
  • Having no privacy - Greg thinks privacy is important and gets worried when somebody interferes with it.
  • Soccer - Greg is very bad at soccer and hates his coach, Mr. Litch.
  • Rodrick - Even worse than the bullies at school, Rodrick abuses Greg by lying to him, causing huge amounts of physical harm to him, and using him to get out of trouble.
  • Detention - Greg thinks that detention is for "future criminals" and believes that he is not one. He thinks the reason he got a detention was a bad reason.
  • Rip-offs
  • Rodrick's band, Loded Diper - Greg, like his dad, thinks that Rodrick's band plays terribly. Greg is constantly distracted by Rodrick's band when he is trying to do homework or play video games.
  • Fregley - Greg thinks Fregley is a nerd and totally disgusting - Fregley offers to tell Greg about his "hygiene issues" and his "secret freckle," much to Greg's dismay.
  • Rowley's stupidity - Rowley's stupidity has gotten them into trouble many times, especially in the fourth book, where he takes the "grand prize" of a huge box of chocolate-covered raisins instead of participating in the national tournament where he could get a million dollars. Also, he refuses to believe that Greg hit him with a rubber band and thinks that Greg has "electrical superpowers."
  • Rowley's dad - Mr. Jefferson is everything Greg hates - he is disciplinary, strict, and no fun.
  • Cheese Touch - Greg thinks the Cheese Touch is a waste of time and stupid, and that people are overreacting to moldy cheese on the playground.SUCKMYASSS
  • Lil' Cutie - Like his father, Greg thinks that Lil' Cutie is a terrible comic and likes to read it to see how bad it is.
  • Sweetie (the family dog) - Sweetie took away everything from Greg - television (he barks at the television until the commercial with "gophers" shows up,) sleep (Sweetie sleeps in the middle of his bed and could very well bite off Greg's hand if Greg dared to move him,) and respect (Frank loves the dog so much that he does not care about what he does to Greg.)

Interactions with Other CharactersEdit

  • Rodrick - Rodrick is Greg's older brother and he has a very rocky relationship with him. Greg and Rodrick usually disagree on a lot, because they have different talents and preferences. Like Greg, Rodrick seems to dislike Manny, but unlike Greg, Rodrick doesn't interact much with Manny. Rodrick can be a jerk for no reason sometimes, but sometimes Rodrick's actions can be justified for Greg is not a perfect little angel. Rodrick is a junior in high school. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, Rodrick plays a more significant role in the story, as does his band called Löded Diper, in which he plays the drums. He argues with him a lot in the second book. They were both grounded after their parents discovered Rodrick's party, blaming Greg for thinking that he helped him, but he in fact was he was locked in the basement.
  • Manny - Manny is Greg's younger brother. He appears as the size of a letter in the book. Manny always gets in the least amount of trouble possible for provoking his brothers, and if Greg (or Rodrick) dares to argue with their parents about Manny's behavior, they would be grounded immediately.
  • Rowley - Rowley often treats Greg as a great friend, but sometimes ignores and avoids him for other interests including a new friend, action figures, and comics either out of boredom or as a result of Greg being a jerk to him. Rowley is very ignorant, like the time when he believed that Greg has "electrical superpowers" in the fourth book, even though Greg explained that he had hit him with a rubber band.


Greg has been shown to like certain girls he finds attractive - however, his relationships almost never work out.


Natasha was a girl that Greg liked - but after Natasha rejected Greg's love note and sent him an ordinary card instead, Greg lost interest in her.

[edit] Holly HillsEdit

Holly Hills is a girl that Greg likes in the third book. Holly, however, approved Rowley's silliness better than Greg's flirting, and Greg attempts to break up Rowley and Holly by writing a note that said "I only think of you as a friend" and signing it "Slick," which is Rowley's pen name.

[edit] Heather HillsEdit

Heather Hills' is Holly Hill's sister of which Greg had a crush on. In the second book, it shows that Heather was the babysitter of Rowley for a brief time before they switched to Leland. In the fourth book, Greg attempts to win Heather over by impressing her at the pool. However, when Greg refuses to help Heather clean up vomit, he realizes that Heather would be going to college, and that "long-term relationships never work out."

[edit] TristaEdit

Trista is a girl that Greg liked at the end of the Last Straw. However, Trista cheated on both Greg and Rowley and became infatuated with the lifeguard instead.